Hotel Disko Island

Tours and excursions

Disko Island offers a variety of activities. Throughout the summer, the hotel arranges excursions with its own guides so please feel free to contact us for further information.

City walk in Qeqertarsuaq


Let us take you on a 2-hour historical and cultural tour through Qeqertarsuaq and learn more about the 850 inhabitants living alone on an island the size of Crete.  

Price: 250,-

Duration: ~ 2  hours
Minimum: 2 pax.
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Type of tour: Culture-historical city walk

On this guided city walk in Qeqertarsuaq you will learn about the history of Qeqertarsuaq as well as modern life above the polar circle. Qeqertarsuaq was founded I 1773 as a whaling station and today it has approx. 850 inhabitants and is the only town on Disko Island. The city and the island, a bit confusingly, has the same name which in Greenlandic simply means ‘The big island’. The city Qeqertarsuaq is not that big though! On our two hours tour we will see must of the peaceful town with its school, nursing home, hospital, and a small museum. The least peaceful place in town must be the harbor where there is always going something on. The primary occupation is fishing and hunting, especially fishing for snow crabs and lumpfish is important – Seeing the busy harbor is therefore always interesting. We will walk around town and the guide will tell you about the culture-history as well as the modern life above the polar circle.

  • Guide
  • Historical snacks


Greenland nature

Hike to beautiful basalt columns and wild growing angelica.

Join our hike to the scenic area of Kuannit. Experience the beautiful basalt columns and taste the wild growing angelica; the namesake of Kuannit and a traditional ingredient in the Greenlandic kitchen. If we are lucky, we might even see a whale!

Price: 495,-

Duration: ~ 4  hours
Minimum: 2 pax.
Difficulty of tour: Medium
Type of tour: Hike

Kuannit is located approximately 5 km east of Qeqertarsuaq and it is here that we find the beautiful basalt columns. Kuannit is not only beautiful but the nature is also very lush with lots of different flowers, mosses and the well tasting umbrella plant angelica. Angelica is often used in the Greenlandic kitchen and of course in our kitchen at Hotel Disko Island as well. Angelica does not grow in the area around Ilulissat and therefore the local people of Ilulissat journeys all the way to Qeqertarsuaq to harvest the plant in the summertime.

On our hike we will get out into the impressive nature that surrounds Qeqertarsuaq. We will pass the heliport, the scientific station ´Arctic station’, and we will even come by the best located soccer field in the world! We cross the ‘red river’ and enter the ‘windy valley’ were it often blows a very cold wind during the winter. On our left hand side we will have a 900 meters tall basalt mountain and on our right hand side the beautiful vistas over the Diskobay with its massive icebergs. Our guide will tell you about the formation of the basalt columns, the tempered water sources and the lush and eatable nature surrounding us. When we arrive to Kuannit we will have a break, enjoy the view and scout for whales while eating our lunch and having a cup of coffee or tea. On our way back to the hotel we might harvest some angelica for the kitchen or look for other eatables. Our guide knows all the plants and it is always fun when nature is eatable!

  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Snacks – Produced with local ingredients

Hike to the Lyngmarksbræen Glacier


Join our hike to the Lyngmarksbræen glacier.
After 900 meters of altitude and 3-4 hours of demanding hiking we will be met by the enormous glacier. With glacier ice underneath our feet we can truly enjoy the breath-taking vistas over Qeqertarsuaq and the Disko Bay.    

Price: 995,-

Duration: ~ 8  hours
Minimum: 2 pax.
Difficulty of tour: Hard
Type of tour: Hike

We will start our hike from Hotel Disko Island and walk to the outskirts of the town where we will begin the accent. We follow a hiking path running along the characteristic basalt mountains. The basalt rock is evidence that Qeqertarsuaq is a relatively young volcanic island. 

We will at the same time be met by a lushness that seems unnatural for a place covered by ice and snow 8-9 months a year. The lush flora is an obvious characteristic for Qeqertarsuaq and our guide will of course tell you all about on our way to the top. There are very good chances that we will get to taste the Greenlandic nature on our way.

In the heights we will cross over a melt water stream and can now almost smell the ice from the glacier. We hike the last few kilometres to the glacier and can finally plant our feet on the ancient ice cover.
Our guide will propose a few minutes of complete silence. The silence will give us the opportunity to fully enjoy the spectacular vistas and fathom that you are standing on top of a glacier in Greenland! 

Having had enough of the cold pouring out from the ice we will move a bit down the mountain to our lovely cabin. Here we will enjoy a delicious lunch, the still impressive vistas, and a steaming hot cup of coffee. With renewed energy we will begin the descent towards town. The descent is at least as impressive as the ascent – we will have the Disko Bay right in front of us all the way down.

Safely returned to the hotel we have all become a memorable experience richer and will with guarantee sleep like a rock.


  • It is important for us to point out that this hike is a physically demanding hike taking 3-4 hours each way.
  • If you suffer from back, knee or hip injuries or other such conditions please consider thoroughly whether this hike is for you.
  • We strongly recommend hiking boots.
  • Lunch
  • Coffee and tea 
  • Snacks – Produced with local ingredients 

Mountainbike Rental


Mountainbikes are ideal to explore Qeqertarsuaq and surroundings. By bike you will quickly get a good overview of the town. Main roads are paved, but there are numerous gravel roads and dirt tracks too. If you like to test your technic and endurance, you should choose Kuannit as your destination!

There are numerous bike sizes available, all well maintained with multiple gears and handbreakes. If you should experience a puncture or other technical failure with your bike, you will get another one free of charge right away. 

Price: 200 DKK per person/per day

Contact us for further details or to book a trip