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Tours and excursions

Greenland is synonymous with magnificent nature. And the natural landscapes around Disko Island (part of the famed Disko Bay in Greenland’s northwest), is begging to be explored. Great explorations await those of you, who love to spend time in the outdoors.

Hotel Disko Island in Qeqertarsuaq organizes a series of guided tours and excursions on the Disko Island. For example, join us on a hike to Kuannit, the island’s famous paradise with springs and basalt columns. Get to know the town of Qeqertarsuaq, its population and history on our city walk. Stay overnight at the top of the Lyngmark’s glacier or join us on the water kayaking. If you are an ice swimmer, we can even offer you to visit our sauna!

Read more about our tours and excursions here. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Explore Qeqertarsuaq

Guided walking tour of town


Join our guide on a two-hour walking tour of Qeqertarsuaq and learn about the city’s cultural history and the day-to-day life of the approximately 850 inhabitants who live relatively isolated on an island the size of Crete.

Price: DKK 250 per person

Type of tour: Culture-historical city walk & storytelling
Difficulty of tour: Easy
Season: 01/06 – 30/09
Tours: Every day of the week
Time: 15:00-16:30
Minimum: 2 persons


On this guided city walk in Qeqertarsuaq you will learn about the history of Qeqertarsuaq as well as modern life above the polar circle. Qeqertarsuaq was founded in 1773 as a whaling station and today it has approx. 850 inhabitants. The city and the island, a bit confusingly, has the same name which in Greenlandic simply means ‘The big island’.  The primary occupation is fishing and hunting, especially fishing for snow crabs and lumpfish is important – seeing the busy harbor is therefore always interesting. We will walk around town and the guide will tell you about the culture-history as well as the modern life above the polar circle.

  • Guide

Hike - Coast, Mountains, Waterfalls

Greenland nature

Hike to beautiful basalt columns and wild growing angelica.

Join our hike to the scenic area of Kuannit. Experience the beautiful basalt columns and taste the wild growing angelica; the namesake of Kuannit and a traditional ingredient in the Greenlandic kitchen. If we are lucky, we might even see a whale!

Price: DKK 495 per person

Type of tour: Hike
Difficulty of tour: Medium
Season: 01/06-30/09
Tours: Every day of the week
Minimum: 2 persons


Kuannit is located approximately 5 km east of Qeqertarsuaq and it is here that we find the beautiful basalt columns. Kuannit is not only beautiful but the nature is also very lush with lots of different flowers, mosses and the well tasting umbrella plant angelica. Angelica is often used in the Greenlandic kitchen and of course in our kitchen at Hotel Disko Island as well. Angelica does not grow in the area around Ilulissat and therefore the local people of Ilulissat journeys all the way to Qeqertarsuaq to harvest the plant in the summertime.

On our hike we will get out into the impressive nature that surrounds Qeqertarsuaq. We will pass the heliport, the scientific station ´Arctic station’, and we will even come by the best located soccer field in the world! We cross the ‘red river’ and enter the ‘windy valley’ were it often blows a very cold wind during the winter. On our left hand side we will have a 900 meters tall basalt mountain and on our right hand side the beautiful vistas over the Diskobay with its massive icebergs. Our guide will tell you about the formation of the basalt columns, the tempered water sources and the lush and eatable nature surrounding us. When we arrive to Kuannit we will have a break, enjoy the view and scout for whales while eating our lunch and having a cup of coffee or tea. On our way back to the hotel we might harvest some angelica for the kitchen or look for other eatables. Our guide knows all the plants and it is always fun when nature is eatable!

  • Guide
  • Lunch

Kayaking to Kuannit

Paddle among icebergs to Disko Islands famous basalt columns


Join us for a beautiful kayaking excursion along the Disko Island Coast towards the volcanic basalt columns known as ‘Kuannit’. This is nature at its very best – showcasing floating icebergs, gnarly basalt columns and cascading springs on lush mountainsides.

Price: DKK 1,250 per person

Type of excursion: Kayaking trip (2-person kayak) with guide and support boat
Difficulty: Medium
Season: June 15 – Sep. 10th
Departs: Every day of the week (in favorable conditions)
Meeting point & time: Meeting point is at Black Sand Beach at 09:00
Minimum: Is 2 participants (to run the tour)
Note: It’s a requirement that all participants can swim

It is something truly exceptional to explore the Disko Island from the sea. To silently slide through the water under an open, endless sky – surrounded by icebergs, seabirds, and rocky shores. Maybe we are lucky to spot sea mammals or catch a glimpse of local fishermen fishing from their dinghies?

We set out in the morning from the town’s famous black-sand beach and paddle along the coast towards Kuannit. Springs drizzle down the rocky mountainsides and solidified basalt columns turn and twist in all directions.

The duration of this excursion is 4-5 hours with 2-3 hours of paddling time. As an extra safety, our support boat will be close by.

Note: In case of unsafe conditions on the water, we reserve the right to cancel the kayaking activity. If we must cancel, participants will be refunded the full amount.

Excursion in a doble (2-person) kayak, kayaking guide, safety briefing, support boat, dry suit, neoprene boots, and safety vest.

Important: We recommend you wear woolen underwear underneath the dry suit, and that you leave your valuables at home.

Black sand beach

Ice swimming & sauna

Hotel Disko Island sauna

Immerse yourself in the ultimate exploration of Greenland’s only black sand beach with an ice-cold (literally!) dip in the dark blue and iceberg-dotted Disko Bay, followed by a visit to our warm and comfortable wooden ‘barrel sauna’. Ice baths and saunas go hand in hand and the surroundings for this life-affirming combination doesn’t get much better than right here on Disko Island, where the red, flat-topped  basalt mountains rise vertically above the beach.

Price sauna:
DKK 200, – per person (adults)
Price sauna:
DKK 100, – per person (children under 12 years)
Private rental:
DKK 1250, – per hour

Type of excursion: Sauna visit
Difficulty: Easy
Maximum: Max 10 guests per hour
Season: June 1 – Sep 30
Open: Every day of the week
Sauna I – 17:00 – 18:00
Sauna II – 18:00 – 19:00
Sauna III – 19:00 – 20:00

Sauna IV – 20:00 – 21:00

We encourage you to add a dip in the Disko Bay’s icy sea waters to your Greenland adventure! Disko Island’s lovely beach, Siorarsuit, on the outskirts of town, is the obvious place in Greenland to go swimming. Forged by fire and sunk by ice during the island’s volcanic history, Siorarsuit Beach (translates into black sand beach) is the only black, volcanic sand beach in the country. Large chunks of ice, originating from the floating icebergs in the bay, often wash up on the beach, and you are welcome to haul your own lump of ice ashore!

Once out of the water, our warm and cozy sauna is awaiting you. The sauna comfortably seats 10 people and is open every day during the summer, mornings and nights.

If you would like to use the sauna outside normal opening hours, it can be rented for DKK 995,- per hour.

Information on access to the sauna is available at the hotel reception.

  • Free access to the sauna within the booked hour
  • Towel

Disko Mountain Lodge

Hiking to the Lyngmark glacier & wilderness lodge

Disko Mountain Lodge - Udsigt

The symmetrical, flat-topped and reddish Lyngmark mountain raise almost 1,000 meters above the city of Qeqertarsuaq. On its top, you will find one of the permanent glaciers on Disko Island, Uunartuarsuup Sermia, better known as the Lyngmark Glacier. During the summer you can hike up to the glacier, from where you have the most phenomenal view over mountains and valleys to the south and the entire Disko Bay to the north.

Our cozy Disko Mountain Lodge is located close to the edge of the glacier, with a 360-degree view of the surrounding glacier landscape. Staying overnight at our lodge, is the perfect way to fully explore this unique environment – perhaps even with a guided hike on the glacier?

At night you will enjoy a tasty dinner at the lodge, followed by fun indoor activities such as board games or listening to Greenlandic folk tales in the company of the guide and the other guests, before you head to bed. The next morning you will hike back to Qeqertarsuaq just after breakfast.

Price: DKK 1,695 per person

Type of excursion: Hiking and overnight stay in wilderness lodge
Difficulty: Medium-hard (Each way = 7 km / 4 T / 900 meters altitude gain/loss)
Season: July 1st – Sep 15th
Departs: Twice a week – Saturday to Sunday & Wednesday to Thursday
Meeting point & time: Departure at 11:00 am from our reception – return approx. at 12:00 pm the following day
Minimum: 2 participants (to run the tour)

The hike between Qeqertarsuaq and Disko Mountain Lodge takes about four hours each way to complete. The route is quite steep in places and almost 900 meters of altitude must be climbed. The terrain is uneven and there are passages along the way with scree, why hiking poles are strongly recommended to alleviate your balance. As a participant, we expect you to wear sturdy hiking boots, that you are familiar with hiking and generally is in good physical shape.

The trail is incredibly beautiful and the surrounding landscapes very diverse. We’ll take several breaks along the route to enjoy the volcanic mountain environment and the endless views over the Disko Bay. On a clear day you can see all the way to Ilulissat! We’ll find a spot for savoring our lunch box along the trail or upon arrival at the lodge.

Disko Mountain Lodge is a blue wooden cabin, located on top of the Lyngmark mountain in the middle of nothing – or everything, if you fancy raw nature environments. The lodge, which is both cozy and comfortable despite its remote location, is divided into several bedrooms with bunk beds (four beds in each room) in two wings. Each room has a window and view to either the south or north. In the center of the lodge there’s a kitchen, a living room with a large dining table and panoramic view over Disko Bay and two separate dry claw toilets. A ship’s oven provides heating. Showers are not available nor is it possible to charge mobile phones, cameras etc. There is no mobile coverage around the lodge, but the guide will bring a satellite phone for emergency use only. Alas, an overnight stay in Disko Mountain Lodge is a great opportunity for you to just chill out and enjoy the wilderness while being present in the moment.

Depending on the weather, the conditions on the glacier and the composition of the group, the guide will plan joint activities for the afternoon and evening. There are various options from indoor entertainment, to hiking, either towards Blæsedalen (windy valley) or the Apostle Mountain, to a hike on the glacier with snowshoes. We kindly ask you to follow the guide’s recommendations of activities.

The dinner served at the lodge is simple but tasty and we’ll bring some sweets to accompany your after-dinner coffee or tea. It is recommended that you bring your own snack for the hike.

  • Guide on the hike to and from Disko Mountain Lodge as well as on the glacier
  • Packed lunch
  • Dinner (day 1)
  • Breakfast (day 2)
  • Overnight stay in the cabin

Daypack (25-35L), hiking boots, hiking poles, warm clothes (fleece, cap/beanie, light mittens), wind and waterproof jacket and pants, toiletries, change of clothes (e.g. sweater, underwear, socks, indoor shoes), snack.

You will receive your personal pillow cover and fleece liner as well as a packed lunch before departure from the hotel.

Sheets, pillows, and warm sleeping bags are provided in the lodge