Hotel Disko Island

Disko Mountain Lodge

Experience the beautiful nature of Disko Island and stay overnight at the top of Lyngmark mountains at 900 meters altitude.


Room type 2024
Lodge accomodation at the Lyngmark Mountains (price per person) 1.695 DKK

Disko Mountain Lodge is open to overnight guests twice a week (Saturday to Sunday & Wednesday to Thursday) from July 1st to September 15th. To confirm accommodation in the lodge, we need a minimum of 2 overnight guests registered on a given date.

Contact us for groups of 4 people or more looking for an overnight stay at our lodge on alternative days than the above.

Organized tours

Disko Mountain Lodge - Hytte

Hotel Disko Island organizes guided tours to The Lyngmark Glacier and during the summer you have the opportunity for a unique overnight stay in the Disko Mountain Lodge. The trip can either be arranged as a day trip or with a stay overnight. To reach the Disko Mountain Lodge, a hiking trail is followed up through the characteristic basalt mountains. Duration of the hike is 3-4 hours each way and at the top you are rewarded with a magnificent view over the Disko Bay.

Contact us for further details.

Disko Mountain Lodge - Udsigt

Description of the trail to Lyngmarksbræen

Disko Mountain Lodge - Udsigt

Hiking to 900 meters of altitude.

To reach Lyngmarksbræen, follow a hiking path through the characteristic basalt mountains. There is no road, but a marked trail leads you to the top. Some few places you must use your hands as support. It´s a tough hike, which takes 3-4 hours one way. The hike is incredibly beautiful and at the top you are rewarded with magnificent views beyond the Disko Bay.
The downhill hike can be hard if you are not trained. There are a lot of loose pebbles, which requires extra attention. If you have problems with your back, knees or hips you should consider the hike an extra time. The hike is on your own responsibility, but a guide will help you and make sure that everyone is safe and secure both on the way up and down.

Important Notice:
Hiking boots are mandatory for this hike. We also recommend to bring your trekking poles.

Contact us for further details.