Getting to Disko Island

The easiest way to get to Disko Island is to book a “Hotel & Cruise” round trip, which includes accommodation and transportation. See the selection of tours below for more details. There is also the option of booking a boat trip yourself.

Round trips in Greenland

We always recommend booking a round trip when exploring Greenland, as it can be a logistical challenge to arrange on your own. Please click here to see our selection of round trips.

The BIG adventure in Diskobay, 10 days/9 nights. From 14.597 DKK

An amazing round trip where you will experience icebergs and glaciers, as well as wildlife and birdlife

Diskobay Whale Watching and Icebergs, 7 days/6 nights. From 8.570 DKK

A round trip for those who primarily want to experience whal watching and icebergs

Ilulissat and Disko Island - 4 days/3 nights. From 6.170 DKK

A short round trip that can easily be combined with other trips

Book your own trip

You can also book your boat trips in Disko bay and in South Greenland here